We are partnered with Domains.co.za to provide state-of-the-art, local hosting and can offer discounts on both exceptional hosting packages and domain names.

This takes the pressure off you as the business owner when it comes to selecting the right hosting package for you, or paying annually what most domain registrars would charge you monthly.

Without going into the technical details, we put our name behind the hosting we provide. Anything less than 99% up-time is unacceptable and we stake our reputation on what we provide. There are no contracts, no fixed periods and you can change your package at any time.

If you need a new website and don’t yet have a domain name or hosting, we can do this for you and the registration certificate will always be yours.  Email registration and setup is free.

We’re more than happy for clients to register their own domain names and manage their own hosting, provided that the hosting provider allows WordPress installations (most do so this is normally not a problem). We will however need all log in details to both the domain registrar and the hosting account.

If you already have a domain name and hosting, we will need to check that it’s the right hosting plan for what you need right now. If it’s not then we may request a transfer to our hosting provider or change their hosting plan. This is a relatively straightforward process which we will guide you through.